Emotional Freedom Techniques UK A Universal Aid to Emotional and Physical Relief   Rapid Release from Personal Issues, Performance Blocks, Addictions & Pain
Emotional Freedom Techniques UK EFT, emotional freedom techniques, Tapping, Edinburgh Welcome to EFT UK  Treatment & Training Centre, Edinburgh UK  EFT, or TAPPING , is a therapy and self help tool revolutionising  the way personal issues and illness are treated.
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EFT help for war veterans EFT for war verterans Genes activated by emotions anxiety Contact us Sunday Express  June 2010   EFT helps  army veteran

Professional golfer improves his game

   Veteran’s PTSD released in 2 sessions

Client loses 2½ stone (21 pounds) in  3 months after one EFT session

Musicians benefit from tapping  Performance blocks - music

A soldier's PTSD Weight loss professional golfer  Performance blocks - music School refuser goes back to school

More Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials How EFT works Moya Morison PhD  Emeritus Professor of Health and Nursing Internationally acclaimed author on wound and health care     “My mind races at the endless ways EFT                  can be applied! “
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EFT highly effective for PTSD