EFT releases PTSD My wife, Jean, says I was a Jekyll and Hyde character, one minute cheery, the next ranting. “And as I got older, ‘I reckon EFT would help any soldier coming back from a war zone. It could be a sort of emotional debriefing’ Sunday Express, June 6, 2010 ACUPOINTS:  Alan Morison performs emotional freedom techniques on Brian Bryson flashbacks became more and more of an issue. The tensions began to build up. I knew I wasn’t coping, but nothing I tried seemed to help.” Then a month ago, when Brian had what he calls a breakdown, he consulted Edinburgh therapist Alan Morison PTSD Brian meets PM Mental scars removed with EFT Lily Allen, EFT Haunted: Brian Bryson’s days in the Army left him mentally scarred THERAPY: Celebrities such as Lily Allen  are said to be fans of EFT. Brian meeting Gordon Brown Emotional Freedom Techniques UK